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  • Charles Ludwig Fuess (Center)

  • The "First Family" in Cuero, Texas

  • Circa 1970 ...

  • More circa 1970 ...

  • The Brothers ...

  • Fine lookin' group of Fuess men ..

  • Bernie Fuess Wake

  • Trillium - Rare Michigan Forest Flower

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Although I have always been too shy to do so in public, I've always enjoyed playing the piano. My grandmother, a violinist from the Boston Conservatory, started to teach me piano when I was 8 years old. But after a few years when I started to play Boogie Woogie and stuff she left in disgust never to return for another lesson. In early 2011 I noticed that my hands were getting ever worse with arthritis so I thought it was about time I preserved a few of my favorite pieces. The Riffs and Variations on a Theme are my creations, Moonlight Sonata is Beethoven's of course and the Preludes are Chopin's. The Well Tempered Clavier, Vol I No 1 is Bach and is also known as his Ave Maria but is so different from Schubert's variation that you really can't sing to it. And finally Photo Jaunie is one of the most beautiful creations by the Canadian Composer André Gagnon (I'm sorry André that I cannot do it justice but perhaps people who gear it will look you up and buy your albums!). I hope you enjoy hearing these as much as I have enjoyed playing them.

01 - David's Riff Variation 1

02 - First Variation On A Theme

03 - Moonlight Sonata  
 04 - Photo Jaunie  
 05 - Prelude Op 28 No 4  
 06 - Prelude Op 28 No 20  
 07 - Second Variation On A Theme  
 08 - Well Tempered Clavier, Vol I No 1  
09 - David's Riff Variation 2  


A recent wood working magazine had an article on constructing a 17th century scroll box. So I got to thinking about how a modern artist might render it using today's technology. Here's the result

Paying tribute to my Celtic roots I decided to add a Tree of Life top.

The scroll sides are cut in Walnut while the top and bottom are Tiger Maple.


Shoehorns are so mundane who would think of creating objects of art out of them? Well, I would, and here are just a couple of examples.

The extra long reach is great for us older folk who really don't like bending over that far or sitting down to be shod. The upper one is a tribute to my wife's Viking ancestors. Here's a larger view of the bust of Thor

and of course the eagle

I hope folks enjoy using them as much as I did making them.

Cradle Loom

With worsening arthritis Natasha is always on the lookout for ways to express her art in ways that minimize stress on already damaged and painful joints. Sometimes this provides me with new woodworking challenges. Thus the latest design/construction project; The Cradle Loom. This is a small laptop loom that resembles a doll's cradle (thus the name). This handy little loom is used for a variety of weaving styles mostly aimed at weaving decorative bands or belts.

Left Side View

Right Side View

End View (Warp supply side)