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  • Charles Ludwig Fuess (Center)

  • The "First Family" in Cuero, Texas

  • Circa 1970 ...

  • More circa 1970 ...

  • The Brothers ...

  • Fine lookin' group of Fuess men ..

  • Bernie Fuess Wake

  • Trillium - Rare Michigan Forest Flower

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Three Cribbage Boards. The top photos are two of the nautical series.

 The oval board series is designed around inset carvings which, in addition to the dragon, may include wildlife scenes, hunting scenes, in fact any image that can be rendered in relief.

Two new projects

The photo below is the Duet Candy Bowl. The bowl section is layers of Oak and Walnut. The lids are Cherry. It has a footprint of roughly 11 in. by 5 in. and is about 3 1/2 in. high.

The second project is call the Cube. Rendered in highly figured Walnut it measures 4 inches on a side. This version is carved in a scroll pattern although it can be custom carved in any pattern (including photos or relief carvings of animals, wildlife scenes, etc.). 


Dutch Clock I made for Natasha in August. (Hmm, those reflections look like scratches ... but they're just reflections.)

Some artists create with brush and paint some with pen and ink I create with wood and now with computer and CNC. My plan is to create a whole series of special creations. The latest is flower series trivets. The first three are shown in the images below.

Each is 6 inches in diameter rendered in Hickory and finished with Danish Oil. They will be on sale soon at the East Ludington Gallery in Escanaba, Michigan.

While the series will go on for some time (there are lots of flowers in the world!) I'll keep busy with a number of interesting CNC projects like this special box for the love of my life:

And a few items just for fun: The plate in the upper left is an adaptation using elements of a chip carved plate that I modified with a feather boarder. The Star trivet in the upper right is a classic chip carving motif and the wall hanging panel in the lower center is a chip carved flower design that could also be used as the front ot top for a box.

Then we have the old classics. The hinged triple photo holder was done in hickory and the standard cribbage set has internal pockets for the pegs and two decks of bridge size cards is rendered in walnut with birdseye maple inlays.

As with the flower series, these are all available from the East Ludington Gallery in Escanaba.