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ANDREW FINCK - The Colonial Military Records. N.Y. State Education Dept. State Library and Home Edncation, Melvil Dewey- Dir. Dec. 3, 1904, Albany, New York: This is to certify that on page 134 of a manuscript Vol. entitled: Sir William Johnson Mss. Vol. I in the custody of the University of the State of New York in the State Library.

Andreas Finck is recorded as a private in a roll of Lieut. Suffernes Deychert's (Dygert) in a roll company, headed “l757 Mar. 20th by order of Sir William Johnson to march with my company to Fort Henry as followeth, Returned home yr 29 Instant ' also that on page 98 Vol. 6 of said "Sir William's Mss. in the said state Library Andreas Fink appears in an effective return to the Hon. Sir. Km. Johnson of all Captains, Lieuts and Ensigns belonging to the 2nd Battalion of the N.Y. Militia," Schenectady Sept. 10, 1762, as an ensign, commissioned 1758, in Capt. Severneus Tygert's Go; also that on pg. 106 of Vol 7 of said "Sir Win Johnson's Mss. u-i said State Library, Andreas Finck is recorded as a private in a list of Capt. Severenius Deygert's Co., entitled, " a true list of ye state of my company of militia who has been in command at ye German Flatts by order of Sir Wm. Johnson -ye 24 day of July 1763; also, that an entry on pg. 66 of a manuscript Vol. entitled "Treasures Certificate Vol. 4 in the State Library of New York shows that in pursuance of an act passed April 24 1784 entitles " an act for the settlement of the pay of the levies, and militia for their service in the late war, and for other purposes therein mentioned.

 A certificate for L7,l2 s, 10 d. numbered 19030, and bearing interest from Dec. 31, 1782, was issued for the service of Andreas Finck, as a Private under Capt. Peter Suits in Col Jacob Klock's Beg. of the Tryon Co. Militia.

 In testimony where of the seal of the Univ. of the State of N.Y. Has been affixed at the city of Albany this 3rd day of Dec. 1904. A. S. Draper.

 For the same information see also Reports of the State Historian, Colonial Series, Vol. 2 pgs. 786, 783, 792. There is no doubt that Andrew Fink served during one part of the Revolution as shown by the above certificate. See also New York in the Revolution pg 176. Tryon Co. Militia 2nd Reg. Andres Fink, private, Klock's Req. Co. He is also the Andrew Finck who presented his claims for destruction to his property during the Rev. (See Supp. of Roberts N.Y. in the Revolution) and whose claims were paid in 1791 after his death on an order of Christian Finch, an heir at law to Frederick Getman.

 Andrew Fink brought up his children in the Reformed Church and we find the names of his family and descendants well represented in the records of that church.

 A month before his death he made his will, by which he provided for his widow, and devises to his three sons 700 acres of farm and woodland, and to his three sons three girls, 600 acres more; also money and valuables, and leaves the residence of his estate and his small arm and fowling piece to his grandson Padres Finck, who was then a small boy.

He kept slaves, and leaves one negro wench, Anna, to his daughter, Catherine Seeley, and Anna;s prospective issue to his daughter Mary Coppernoll. From his will it appears that his homestead was nearly opposite the churches and extended west to Finck Creek, on which a mill was operated.